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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More mothers and old plate

And more pottery too.  Can't forget that lots of my friends aren't the least interested in my mother's mothers etc.

Thrown, carved stoneware plate, Mimbres design 1973
This is one of my oldest plates, from the Pottery Poetry and Person Shop in Tallahassee in the 70's.   The shop didn't survive very long, a co-op of various craftspeople.  But it is where I learned first the joys of clay, glazes, and designs combined.

 Now back to the mothers.

My grandmother on my father's side of the family was named "Gummy" thanks to an older cousin who gifted her with this title.

That's me being cuddled by Poppy and Gummy, with Daddy above us.  Not sure what year or place in Texas.

The following picture was a few years earlier.  Grandparents visiting Dallas from their home in San Antonio at that time.

Before I was born, my mom rested on a running board of a Studebaker, while Gummy and Poppy hoed the Victory Garden in 1942 in Dallas.

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  1. Love the old photos and the old car too, working in the garden there the soil looks so dry, that plate is wonderful, strange the coop didn't make it.


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