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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ginger jar type lids for different pots

A bumper crop of day lilies will bloom pretty soon.
The wild animal stalks her dinner through the grass, or maybe hides to take a nap.

 This is the first ginger type top on a little round jar.

And here's what Sarah did with this technique (after Charles taught her more about how to form the lid).

My ginger jar waiting to be dry enough to trim, with it's lid.

From my eye to yours.  It's really damp here these days, so whenever the sun comes out I am so happy to put wet pots out to dry a bit.  

Today I also finished some mugs with new handle designs, and a vase with slip brushed into its carved areas.  tomorrow if it's finally dry enough, I'll scrape or sand off the slip on the raised areas which are stoneware, and leave Fishsause White Slip in the grooves.

I've got lots more pictures, but will wait till tomorrow to post them.


  1. OH thanks for posting the inside of these since I am self taught I always forget to look inside pots when I am out and about and it is nice to see how lids fit within a vessel.

  2. Hi, nice to meet you...I do like The Luggage!!

  3. Thanks for the photos of your lovely work! The lids are fabulous.


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