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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ginger jar rims

A rainy couple of days.

Making some new things in the studio...not sure I want to keep them.  One platter slumped, so I cut the rim and curled it up into 2 curls.  I keep thinking I'll just recycle the clay.  Not sure yet.

Some mother's day yesterday.  A few phone calls from my sons late in the day yesterday. But my feelings were the whole day wasn't exactly fun fun fun.  The homemade batch of brownies as well as a pretty card which arrived Sat. was a special treat from one of my sons.  It was just having a long day of not having heard at all from the other 2 which meant I needed to focus on something else.

Threw some mugs a few days ago, and today some very big, beer stein size ones.  I've got a couple of big bowls waiting to bisque.

Then Sarah wanted to see how I make ginger jar lids, so a casserole doesn't need to have that bulge that makes it hard to clean where the lid sits on a galley.  I made a sugar bowl with 2 possible lids as a demo.  I think she's got it.  The following jar has the lid which sits on the top edge of the jar, and for my design, I have a flange on the lid which goes down inside the jar.

commercial ginger jar

Of course she's ahead of me in lots of designs, and definitely in production. I learn much from her as well as sharing some tricks I've learned over the years.

Here you can see the flange down inside the jar.

There is another design where a ginger jar has a lid which completely covers the top of the jar, and rests upon the shoulder rather than the rim, and thus doesn't have the flange inside at all. 

Lid on shoulder of ginger jar


  1. I need to do some searching in thrift stores and antique stores and look at examples of jars and lidded boxes to get ideas on construction methods, thanks for the tip on rims and lids.

  2. My mother has dementia, and it made it a hard Mother's Day here, too. Creating is always a lovely escape no matter what heartache there is.

    I'd love to see pictures of the sugar bowl and lids you threw?


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