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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday remembering

You may think all I think about is selling my creations.  Nah.  I mainly think about making them.  I'm not really a great retailer.  Sales is not my thing, so I'm always so grateful that it happens.

Large platter with deep rims.

Large bowl.

Tall thrown and slab construction vase.

Three colored cereal bowls

Raku sculpture

If you are now the owner of any of these pieces, you have my gratitude.  That's the result of my inspiration, and exactly what I hope may happen with go forth into your homes.

Here's a post that Clay Club linked to yesterday...if you haven't looked at it, set some time aside sometime for the fun.  (Since Clay Club's link disappeared, I found one on YouTube, and hopefully it will be available for a while)

And another site gave this post, which is so relevant, I was glad they posted close to the same time, so they appeared in my "blogs I follow list" together.
kingscreekpottery in-pursuit-of-flow-or-shut-up.html


  1. Really nice decoration on the plate and bowls.
    Someone is fortunate to be enjoying them...

  2. Such beautiful pieces; I love the platter and bowls.

  3. I'm thrilled that the platter and bowls are what you all noticed most. Thanks.


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