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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tumblers with sprigged attachments

These are fun, and were quite an experiment.  The thrown tumbler is speckled brownstone, with the shape altered to a triangular rim.

I then added sprigged forms that I'd made from my own molds...using the brownstone for the slip.

In case you didn't see the mugs (Carved animals on Mugs) , I carved each animal for them, then glazed them with various colors.  I've decided against that step already.

And then I made a mold on each animal...usually at the bisque stage.  Ask me how  if you haven't ever done this.

For the tumblers the animals are then pressed into my own bisqued molds, and are just thin slabs which attach pretty easily.  I did worry about air bubbles under them, and poked their eyes through to help with that.

They all made it through the bisque firing, so I dipped everyone in a mild celedon glaze combination that we've been using in the BMCA studio.  Mild means it has some HR satin glaze mixed in with the celedon, because we've had celedon pin holes wherever it felt like it.  There actually is one or two on these tumblers, but not too many.

The hint of green around the animal sprigs isn't all that great, but it's fun to have a P-5 (porcelain that matures at cone 5) that sticks on the brownstone.  I did wipe the celedon off the animals a bit, to give them a more white body.  They stayed shiney though.

I thought of Wedgewood and those wonderful sprigged white flowers on the powder blue forms while I tried this.  Of course local potters have been doing sprig work, and even painting with fine white clay slips on darker bodies for many years.

The reason everything gets posted on my blog?  It's a great archive of photos.  I've lost many photos on flash drives and computer hard drives that crash...but can actually find them on my old emails and blogs.  Hope that continues!


  1. I do the same thing with my blog and have often looked up an old post to see what I wrote to refer to. I've attached two different colored clays and even embeded two different clay bodies, not all of them work, but when they do the contrast is cool I think. Your sprigs are actually quite large to have made it being attached, very cool.

  2. Incidentally, I've been drinking out of faceted glasses for years, so I know you have to drink out of the groove angle, rather than the flat side, in order to not have a "drinking problem" as in that movie.

  3. Hey, glad you mentioned that I probably would have drunk out of the flat part and gotten liquid all over myself, lol.

    1. How do you think I found out about it?

  4. GOOD golly that is gorgeous and brilliant :)


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