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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tree Goddess to trees

So when is a tree not a piece of wood?  When I make it as a tree goddess out of clay.  This lovely lady greets visitors now at my front door, outside on the porch!

In other places, nature looks a bit different...

The beach is still there, whenever I go I get charged with all that salty air and sand and water.  What a beautiful place.

Winter didn't look like this, this year.  But I do love having seasons here in the mountains.

My favorite season is fall.

My guess is that someone made a partial dam in the creek just upstream from the ford.  So people have done for millenia around running water.

Spring is greening up in the mountains.  Here in the foreground are some imported plants that didn't fare well through dogwood winter's frost last week.  I say imported, because the volunteers who tend the path and plants around the creek brought these plants here.  They probably are still indigenous.

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  1. oh what a cute tree you made, and gorgeous photos of the seasons :)


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