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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday with nature

When nature is bursting forth all in springtime over the northern hemisphere, my little corner is just my own delight.  But I share it with you hoping that you'll have a chance to go look closely at your corner of this great world some time today.

Driving into Black Mountain up Montreat Rd.  State Street is the next crossing.  (You just went over the railroad tracks.)

Or driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  (OK, lets get out of the car next!)

My favorite local creek, Flat Creek.

I'm relishing the glories of springtime!  I hope you have some near you also!
 This week was Dogwood winter, and we had freeze warnings Tues and Wed nights here.  Hope the sheets over my house plants (which have gone outside already) were enough protection.


  1. I told Painter that she had to stay inside till it was at least 45 degrees outside, and the frost had melted off the car. So far up to 41. She's been inside all winter, so doesn't have a thick fur coat, just her p.j.'s.

  2. Oh one of these days I want to get up there to visit, such lovely vistas and the town looks wonderful, the green of spring is wonderful. I hope covering your plants with sheets did the trick.

  3. What a lovely trip through your town. I especially loved seeing the stream. Being from Southern Calif., we don't see a lot of water, so a beautiful burbling brook is such a treat to see.


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