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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Tues notes

No pictures for this thoughtful post.
I'm going to try some new ideas, and they may make things more organized, or I may just throw up my hands and flow along like I've always been.

I have a theme for each day's blog now.  Thanks to Allison Standish...Art Biz blog.

I'm busy taking all the photos and some excel sheets and making a cohesive inventory.  I have to remind myself to not do the ones that have sold or been given away.  This is for the pots I'm still making, and hopefully will sell soon.

Having committed myself to at least 2 hours a day working on the inventory means I sit here at the computer doing that, rather than reading blogs that I least some of the time. I am loving being outside these days also...and of course I want to make pottery some of the time too. Sleep? What's that?


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  2. An inventory, I could use one of those, but alas I wade through all the photos and use them when I can find them ha.


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