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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pit firing party

Apologies about the attempt to post an album through Picasa.

OK, if you were there, you know how delicious it was. And fun to watch that barrel smoking those pots down the hill. Sitting on the deck was fun, chatting too. So here are the pics.

Green flames were fun, probably from copper carbonate that Charles liberally sprinkled on sawdust!

Ah, the pork, the salad, the beans, the mac 'n cheese, the deserts...can't remember them all but we were stuffed with wonderful food!

 Ellen demonstrates how to go down that invisible step, which had already been christened with wine.

Once you settle in an Adarondack chair, then eat, you're in big trouble getting up again.

Thanks to Sarah (below) who took this picture after I left...that's Charles' vase on top of coals.

Just before we left, as it was getting dark and we had about 15 miles of mountains to wind through, there was this tiny bright red bird with black wings, just barely visible.  Can you tell what it is?

look in lower center of picture, just to the left of tree trunk, below where you can see branches


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