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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday morning without groans

Rainy days and Monday always got me down.  That song represented a great deal of my life.

Now I don't have to drag myself into a car, fight rush hour traffic, sit in an office without windows, and rush from one thing to another.

I hope you don't have to either.  But in case you want something soothing, relaxing, maybe even a bit of a chuckle...well, I don't know that pottery/clay can do that just by looking at it.  But maybe it will take your mind off of office woes for a minute or two.

 It had to be at least a foot tall, and white so the heat of the sun wouldn't damage the plant.  Yep this is a planter.  Complete with a hole in the bottom.  And designated for a Venus Flytrap.  I hope it works.  My friend, Tim, grows em, and says it's time to take them outside for the summer.

The classic kitchen work bowl.  I wish I'd had this at home when it was time to make cookies yesterday.  They seemed ok for not having nuts, but at least I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips.

OK, you've noticed I've been on a roll with butter yellow glaze.  Here are the latest...

And that's the last of the yellow serving dishes, with blue liners, at least for a while!  What do you think their chances of being sold might be?

After all, I need to make back the purchase price of my new wheel.  I think that will take about 50 pots.  Mmmm, is this realistic to try to do?

I watched a movie which I'd highly recommend today.  If you haven't seen "The Help" please give yourself the gift of that experience.  I am amazed, having been a yankee during the 60s, hearing so much about Civil Rights efforts...what daily life might have been like for so many people in the south, of both white and black races.  My puny Civil Rights efforts in Connecticut were nothing compared to the courage of merely decent human beings.


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    1. well, as I remember, you have some yellow in your inventory too! I think I was inspired by yours. Thanks


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