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Friday, April 27, 2012


I've made a few of these models of the Labyrinth from the Chartre Cathedral in France.

I've never been there.  But the path of this meditative form may be followed by just holding it in your hand and tracing the glazed parts with a pencil or pen, or even your finger.  Using your eyes is part of the slows your breath, (go slowly so you can notice everything) and brings you to focus on something besides the daily life around you.

People who walk a Labyrinth regularly will tell you all the ways this is healthy, healing, and a spiritual practice.

I've been part of giving a workshop where we not only created our own drawn and colored labyrinths, but then built a big walkable one outside in a field.  We didn't try to make it permanent, but used feed corn, so birds and deer might feast upon it after we created and walked it ourselves.  It was fun!  And of course we had a slide show of famous labyrinths.  You may have seen the other one that I make in clay for finger meditations, a triple spiral like the one at Malta and Newgrange, Ireland.

It's international, global, and basic for many who follow that path.

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  1. Oh I like this one as it looks like an ancient artifact broken on the edges.


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