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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Four Elements

Trying to make a new header for Etsy shop...argh!
Nothing I can do will post, so now I don't have any picture at the top of the page. Do you know how to do this?  (PS, I figured it out)

Obviously designing a collage didn't work...and even trying to enlarge this little collage I found I'd lost lots of the detail.  So here are the originals one by one.  If you have the dubious honor of having known me for the four years since I've returned to clay work, you may have already seen this vase. 

It's a functional vase, with a little stand to help set it up higher.  The side depicting the element of fire has a ledge for burning incense.

The side with a couple of crystals (not real ones) represents the earth.

 The waterfall ends in a bit of a basin in which real water may be placed.

And a Bald Eagle soars among clouds, including a couple of cutout clouds, for the element of air.

So I just posted this on my Etsy shop today, and am feeling like I'm saying goodbye to a dear friend.  I used this vase on my meditation altar for quite a while, but I'm ready to see it go to its next home.


  1. Ah a skinny version of the pic I just added as the header for this site to work. Yeah technological women of a certain age wizards!

  2. What a wonderful vase, it is hard to let some pieces go for sure.


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