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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Carved mugs

A carved animal or mermaid awaits the first eye candy in the morning for some lucky clay-lover when drinking the beverage of choice from one of these mugs!

 Rabbit carved on mug, raspberry glaze with amber liner

A good 10 oz mug.

Mermaid sits atop the handle of a celadon mug.  She holds a woping 16 oz.

Smoke breathing red dragon with black wings, to keep warm whatever 10 oz. drink you desire!

And little pup has a warm nose on this nutmeg 10 oz. mug.

Let's play silly with the kitten and the red ball of yarn on a blue 10 oz. mug!

All these new mugs are soon available on etsy...or you can contact me directly via email!


  1. oh my goodness, how absolutely and totally PERFECT, wooooooow!

    1. Actually, I'm in awe of your flowing sculpted forms. Viva los animals!


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