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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My calling

Love, yes, love your calling, for this holy and generous love will impart strength to you so as to enable you to surmount all obstacles. St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, Embrace the World

My calling includes a couple of creative media...pottery and clay sculptures, and these photos, and perhaps even the blog postings.  The calling would be sharing my vision with others, to put it more precisely.

Have you ever seen a grandmom/grandson with more similar smiles?  What a riot, since we couldn't see each other while we did smile at my son taking the picture!

I'm back home again, so will enjoy reviewing my trip pictures for the next month or so.

Today I want to remind my friends to put something on their calendar.

THIS FRIDAY IS HOLLY JOLLY IN BLACK MOUNTAIN.  An evening of festivity in the shops and the streets, food and drink upstairs in the gallery of the Black Mountain Center for the Arts...and a GREAT SALE OF POTTERY by students of the clay studio.  I hope to see you there!

This is actually the last of our retail opportunities until next we're really hoping not to have to pack up anything much.  The other good thing about purchases at Holly Jolly is that they have a portion donated to the Center for the Arts to help our clay studio have good equipment.

OK, now I'm off my soap box.

I had a great but long ride home yesterday with my friend, Sarah.  I'll post pictures tomorrow about that.

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