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Living in Black Mountain has my more personal travel photos and notes.
Three Family Trees, is where my ancestors can still be found, as I find more about them.
And When I was 69, will continue to show historic photos and posts of historic interest. (Sepia Saturday, nearly every week.)

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Portfolio latest work

I would love for these to go home with you.  My shop is through my email address,  Payment may be made by check or credit card. If you live in the Asheville area take a 10% discount for picking up in Black Mountain!

 White on white pedestal bowl with hummers and trumpet flowers inside and out.  $45

 Really altered bowl on pedestal legs with matt black glaze - $58

 Black with white altered bowl on pedestal - $55

 Large caldron with pale turquoise liner and amber dripping glaze and pedestal feet - $75

 Black vase with 2 infinity symbols (Lemniscates) $40

 White with blue accents altered vase - $50

 Altered black and white vase with broken lemniscate - $45

 Bowl vase with white/grey/black glazes - $40

 Altered black vase with designs applied - $30

 Blue and white basket - $40

 White/grey/black vaase with lemniscate - $50

 White with blue lemniscate vase - $50

 Bowl vase with white/grey/black glaze - $48

Tiny black vase with raspberry lemniscate (infinity symbol) 2" tall

Goblets with or without altered design, glazed the same.  Holds over 8 oz...available at the Olde Depot craft shop in Black Mountain NC

Small loving pod boxes, either in white or speckled clay. $22 each.