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The little succulents from Barb and Marty's wedding, my entry at the Red House "Passages" show, new roots for succulents, the re-discovered dish to go with little plant pot.

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Living in Black Mountain has my more personal travel photos and notes.
Three Family Trees, is where my ancestors can still be found, as I find more about them.
And When I was 69, has notes of my life as an elder and historic photos and posts of historic interest.

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Lidded Jars For Sale

Jars: My kitchen is full of jars...dried herbs, nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, etc.

How about a honey jar?

Funky Green Dragon jar... eight inches high

Thrown and altered white stoneware clay, green glaze inside and out $45

Thrown Ginger Jar with white glazed interior, blue variegated outside, $28

A Rose is a Rose, painted glazes and formed flower on thrown jar white stoneware, eight inches tall, and wide, $55

Wheel thrown, altered jars, stoneware clay, eggshell glaze, $30  now $28
Wheel thrown, altered jar, stoneware clay, eggshell glaze, $30  now $28

Midnight blue thrown jar white stoneware clay, with blue interior and Celtic Cross knob, lidded $20

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