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Party Time!

Chip and dip bowls, I've finally made 2.
And they are so pretty and practical!

Nice greens set off any chips and dip.  You can even put a container of dip from the store in the little bowl area.  $45, one left still!

A large bowl can hold so many things to share at a feast!  $65

Not just a pretty tile, but a trivet for hot dishes to protect the table below.  $10 each at the Old Train Depot Gallery in Black Mountain

Another large bowl with a pollinator bee on that great big flower!  Serves salads, deserts, appetizers, you name it!  $65  $55

Sandwich plates, to serve on or snack on...8" wide, $24 each. Now $18 NOW in my Cupboard!

Large plate, 11" with Green Man oak design, great for serving a pile of what? Cookies? Grapes? you name it!  $65

 13" platter with designed willow woman painted in glazes...all dishwasher safe, food safe as all my glazes are. $65 in office at Black Mountain Center for the Arts

Tree of life designed plate, 11" diameter, $60 now $45 in Cleveland County Arts Center Treasures of the Earth show Feb. 8- March 8

14" diameter Hummingbird platter...$85

Large plate with tree woman design painted glazes, food safe, great to hang on the wall also! $85

Two trees design plate, $60 for who loves blue!

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