Cats doing yoga

Cats are either going to be on display at the Owens Middle School Holiday Show, or I'm keeping a few of them.  They were a big hit at the McDowell Arts Council show Appalachian Potters Fair.

These first 2 are a bit larger than the others, and done in white on white.  The clay is somewhat creamy.  There are 8 done in this clay, at this size.  The remaining 6 were made with a speckled brownstone clay, and are about 1/3 smaller.

Nutmeg lunge pose (it probably has another name, but that's what it always felt like for me!)

SOLD - Eggshell downward facing "cat" pose, the only duplicated pose (a skinnier version follows)
SOLD Skinnier version of downward facing cat...a bit bigger than the one above. Nutmeg glaze on brown clay/

 A black warrior pose variation

 SOLD A bridge pose, glaze was clear, which sure looks creamy on this fat cat!

Nutmeg glaze for a cobra pose.  The camera makes his head look bigger than it is in reality.

A white glazed twist pose...not ganesha, but something like that!

SOLD I wish I'd had a tail to give me such balance when I did this warrior pose.
White glaze warrior pose

SOLD Black cat doing "cat pose" (i.e. cow/cat postures, which we had to skip the cow portion, for now)

The smaller cats, done with speckled brownstone clay, but same glazes.

Eggshell glaze on the headstand yogini (I'm keeping this one)

SOLD - to a woman in a wheel chair, who's relatives said her caregivers were going to give her a white therapy cat/companion for Christmas!

And of course the Lazy Cat's Tree Pose while black.

I'm keeping the Lotus position

I'm keeping the Side twist.

These are now $20 each!