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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The fun of drawing on a round object

I admit to having a few images which I can draw without a preliminary this tree.  But otters/ No, I have to sketch them.  And they came out so small, I think I'll have to try them again.  Even the crescent moon had to be sketched first.
I use a mechanical pencil, and it shows a bit before the firing, but disappears of course by the time it gets quite hot.

The curve of the pot isn't as bad as those little finger grooves which inevitably happen on hand thrown pots. They catch the point of my "designer liner" and give either a wobbly line, or a skipped line.  And with my eyesight, I never know they are there until a line has a blip in it.  Good thing there is a quick correction method.  A sharp blade, or even a pin, can scrape the glaze off almost completely.  Of course it does leave a change in texture of the surface, but compared to the other ones that are already there, it's not noticeable...especially since a coat of clear matt glaze will be painted over the whole thing.  And sometimes I don't correct my wobbly lines, cause I want folks to know I'm not a machine and I'm very imperfect.

Today's Quote:

The mysteries of separation and union are already wired
into you...” Matt Licata

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