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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The blood of the Irish and Scotts

This week I got to do more research including some Irish documents that were available on line for Ancestry. I don't know if I actually got to any new documents, because I got bogged down in several mixed up family trees.

I did find the Irish I think I'm related to are probably what's called Scotch-Irish.  That means they were from Scotland and brought to Ireland as part of a relocation plan that the English thought up.

No wonder they then came to America.
Robert McNeal, Revolutionary War Vet, 1741-1818, grave in Genesco, Livingston County, NY
The Mc Cord tartan, John McCord b. 1702 Stewardstown, Tyrone, Ireland, d. 1762, Dauphin County, PA
The muddy mix-up seems that some McCords who arrived in America married either a Quaker, or another Scottish woman.  I know many Presbyterians who have roots in Scotland, and I don't know any Quakers who do.  There might well be some.  But I tend to believe that it's less likely.
So there are some great Quaker records from Pennsylvania, where Mr. McCord lived with whichever wife he had.  And there are nowhere near as many children as those family trees profess he had.  No man would have one son named Robert, only to name another son Robert 10 years later, and both of them survived to adulthood.  So it's a quandary, and I'm not going to get upset about it.

I just know I carry some Scottish blood, and probably a bit of Irish, but huge amounts of English.  I know I'm a bit of a Celtic lassie.

Names I am pretty sure are in my ancestry:


I submit this to Sepia Saturday, because it represents a lot of research into past days, though not at all on the meme which is represented by this photo. My apologies to all who share over there something that does reflect this topic.

Portrait of Louis Armstrong, Aquarium, New York, N.Y., ca. July 1946 (Library of Congress)

Today's quote:
Trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.
Benjamin Spock


  1. Don’t worry Barb, you score a point by using the word ‘reflect’ ! It’s great that you’ve managed to find time to do some more family research.

  2. Celtic Lassies Rule!
    Interesting what you say about Quakers & the Scottish .Not something I have thought on before.

  3. The grave marker for Robert McNeal showing he was involved in the revolutionary war is interesting in that many Scots and Irish who fled to America became caught up in that war on one side or the other. Poor folks. They came there hoping to escape the hardships 'back home' and found themselves hard-pressed to stay out of the conflict brewing in their new country! Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series, when Jamie and Clair escape to America, go into this quite thoroughly in a very engrossing and interesting way.

  4. I have some Caseys in my tree as well. Isn't the McCord tartan beautiful?

  5. I do like the McCord tartan with the combination of blue and red. I live near the mill that produces the largest range of tartans in Scotland - a colourful place to visit!

  6. I think my husband's American ancestors were also originally Scotch- Irish, although another descendant is adamant that they were purely Irish. She doesn't like ro think that they were originally Scottish , but so far we haven't found any conclusion ve evidence either way.

  7. The early British settlers were a more complicated mix of British regions than modern descendants recognize. Lots of Irish were more Scots and many Scots were more English. Highlanders had different loyalty, often to their clan before the King, than lowlanders. Throw in the mix of religion and it gets more complicated. Good luck sorting out the family tree. Roots are always harder to uncover than branches.

  8. My daughter has just found record of grandad's grandmother's marriage..we're still waiting on the actual paperwork. Honora Falvey..the clan is apparently from the Dingle Peninsula..I'm at present in Blenheim in NZ, where there is a Falveys Road....


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