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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring that's about to go

And I don't mean after setting the clocks ahead at 2 am on Sunday (Daylight Swearing At It Time).
The snow storm that's expected Saturday night will probably affect all the spring blooms that I've been enjoying!

When spring comes along each year, I love walking around taking pictures of whatever is blooming.  Why can't I remember the name of this bush?

I did an internet search for "pink flowering bushes."  It never appeared, among almost every blooming bush.  So I tried "early spring bushes."

I found it, and the caption read "Chaebomeles"  I couldn't say it, and I'd never heard that name that I could remember.

As you can see, these are my photos.  But when I tried another image on line, it called it "Hip chick Digs."  I don't think so.

Finally a picture caption said the right title...Flowering Quince!

Oh boy, I have always adored this early flower, which hangs bare on thorny branches.  I wonder what quince berries or fruit are like.  Actually I may have seen them, but only the flowers mean much to they are early color in the drab winter.

Have you ever had Quince Jelly?  I looked on line (love the internet!) and found a recipe, and that the fruit looks like a cross between an apple and pear, and is very bitter.  Yes, I have seen it in the woods. The woods of Black Mountain, which means either a bird or person probably planted it there.

Today's quote:

The most unrealistic person in the world is the cynic, not the dreamer. Hope only makes sense when it doesn’t make sense to be hopeful.
Paul Hawken


  1. My maternal Granny made quince jelly every year and it was an all-day job. I thought it was very special and made me think of something exotic and tropical. And so lovely and clear in those little crystal jelly jars. Haven't had any in years but I might see if I can find some.

  2. I would only use these for Quince or Quince and Apple jelly, then fruit cheese with the sieved pulp. For real fragrance I'd choose the European Quince, or Marmelo..the origin of the word those stewed for a while (being much harder than apples) then eaten as you wish..bliss!!


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