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Friday, March 17, 2017

small miracles appreciated

It's been a while, but my brain wasn't paying attention when I locked my keys in the car.  Then of course I called the roadside service which my car insurance provides.  The insurance person said they'd be there in 6 minutes.  But it passed by, so in 15 minutes I called the number they'd given me for the locksmith.  He said he'd be there in an hour.  An HOUR?

I had asked the insurance person for a locksmith closer to Black Mountain than Asheville (15 miles away)...but this man said he was in Hendersonville...41 miles away.

I was beginning to burn!  When I went back in the community studio, I said a few words, and the people around me said "Stay out of Barbara's way."

After about an hour, I went back outside (it was pretty cold and the studio had been much warmer) and waited for the locksmith.  While standing there I noticed a familiar homeless man who I'd seen walking around was hiding under a stairway beside an elevator.  He didn't seem to be doing anything.

The locksmith came, and in less than 2 minutes he'd popped the trunk of the car. Lesson learned, don't think valuables are any safer in a trunk!

He filled out the receipt, but wouldn't give it to me. It was to go to the insurance company.  As I took a photo I remembered the 4 teen girls who'd walked past while I'd explained the locking problem.

I went inside the Art Center, passing the homeless guy and talked with the administrator of the Art Center, and we decided he wasn't hurting anyone so we'd just leave him alone.  As I went back outside, I asked the homeless guy if he wanted any food.  He said yes.

Now that my car was unlocked, I got my lunch leftovers out and gave them to the homeless guy.

Then the 4 girls came up to me with a bouquet of flowers!

They said they were Angels of Mercy, and thought I had been having some problems with my car. I asked their names, but didn't write them down, so sorry I don't have them available. I took their photo, but since they're minors, I'm not sharing it here.

They handed me a card which said...

I told them about just giving my lunch to the homeless man.  One of the girls said she got goose bumps. 

The girls were from Tampa, and I said I used to live there.  Their girls school had just spent a week in Black Mountain and they were going home tomorrow. I commented that their spring break included snow and freezing weather unfortunately.

After thanking them profusely (and almost tearfully) I took the flowers in the studio, and shared them with the other potter women, who each took a few blossoms home.  It was the least I could do after they put up with my being angry at myself for my foolishly locking my keys in the car.

And now I've got a bit of the bouquet to enjoy.  I'm full of gratitude!

Today's Quote:
It is never too late to become what you might have been.
George Eliot


  1. This gave me goosebumps too. Angels indeed, and so happy they came into your life!

  2. What a sweet gesture -- both from you for sharing your food and flowers and from the Angels.

  3. Looks like there were angels all around that day. What a beautiful end to a terrible day.


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