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Monday, March 20, 2017


There's a closeness that falls upon us with the snow.

My mountain has disappeared...the one I named for myself because I look at it often through the days, and I don't know who else it might belong to.

Today the equinox will be here.  Equal day and night which western culture calls the first day of spring.  Ha ha ha.

I meditate upon how we can heal the cycle between humans and the earth, which is threatened to be shattered by humankind's stupidity. We care for the earth, the earth cares for us. For now I'm trusting the earth (Gaia) knows things beyond my own knowledge which will continue in her own cycles of life and death and renewal.

The snow has actually melted in the week since I took these pictures, but I wanted to share them, especially in thinking of seasonal changes.

Today's Quote:

No one dies so poor that he does not leave something behind," said Pascal

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