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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pottery !

Well, this week I've got some things coming out of the glaze kilns, slowly but or two or three at a time.  Not at all like those wood firings where hundreds of pots come out all at once.

Nope, one of our little Skutt kilns chugs away daily, either one or the other. The community studio here in Black Mountain is great, and everyone is given space in bisque and glaze firings after waiting about a week, usually.  That is a few finished pieces a week, these days.

So I'm glad to share another teapot that's finished.

The fun of getting those reed handles on is that you are positive you're going to break the little pottery loops right off the teapot, no matter how much you've soaked the handles.  It's just the spirit of bending and fitting, and then it's done!

Today's Quote:

As the living vehicles for our spirits, our bodies deserve loving attention and care. Madisyn Taylor

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