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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Necessary and uncomfortable

"Mom, you're going to be sorry you did this!"

After moaning, meowing, clawing and using every bit of my strength, she wrestled me into the jail box.

"There's a good reason," said Mom.  "We're going to the Kitty Doctor to have that bump looked at, the one on your chin.  I know it hasn't changed much in the last year, but I want the Doc to look at it.  And I want your claws clipped.  I won't tell you that it's also time for your rabies shot."

"Now how did she manage to get that thing to open?"

"If only I had opposable thumbs!"

"She'll be sorry, I won't forget this easily!"

And so we went to find that the cyst probably should be removed.  More will be disclosed soon.

For now Panther has been happy to find her claws no longer stick to everything.  And she didn't really feel cuddly after that trauma of getting into the box.  The vet had no difficulty getting her in the box to go home (well, she had more tricks to use) and Panther would even go to her...not to me, no way, no how.

Today's quote:

“Those who cling to views and perceptions wander the world offending each other.” ~Buddha

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