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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bugs and bowls that shout cheerfully, but quietly...

If you've been drinking the night before...

A friend ordered some bigger cereal bowls, and I've started making them for her.

Smaller ones on left, about 5 inch diameter, larger on right are about 6 inch diameter.  There are more still coming, and then I'm going to do something very different! Well, for me it is, anyway!

Today's quote:
Every farmer who plants a seed takes a risk. We work through faith that the good deeds we do are to put down roots. The roots are invisible, but they sustain plants that may not give fruit for awhile. How lovely is this planting the seeds of love.


  1. Wonderful, cheerful bowls. Love the dragonfly.

    1. Thanks Suzi, I enjoy making the bugs of various sorts, but noticed they don't always exactly resemble real ones...I'm afraid I've cartoon-iced them sometimes...and really want to avoid that. I think.


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