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Friday, December 5, 2014

Holly Jolly night

Well, as you noticed, I'm posting this in the early hours of the day.  It's due to rain (50% chance has changed to 10% predicted).  Have you ever figured out if that means
a.) 10% of the area being forecast will actually have rain
or b.) If you stay in one place, only 10% of the time will it rain.

OK, I am a bit brainless right now.  I'm not the kind of potter that works with a kiln up till the wee hours before a sale.  I'm the kind that brings everything I've ever made that I still have out on the living room floor, and decides what to take to the sale.

Not every time.  But this week that's definitely happened.  That's cause I've never had 2 sales back to back before.  Nor knew that there wouldn't be many other opportunities to sell things for 6 months.

Sort of pressure cooker on the brain.

Now my son, Tai, is presenting his final project (thesis?) for his MFA in ceramics today.  Talk about pressure.  I hope he does well.  I know he will feel much better tomorrow...when I'm still trying to sell whatever I chose to bring to that sale, and will be kicking myself because I left home "that thing" that someone asked about.  Actually I've never made a honey jar, but I could!  And that was the last thing that was requested of me which I didn't have on my table.


  1. someone on fb asked me if I made soup bowls with the built in cracker holder, no sorry


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