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Sunday, December 7, 2014

And after the market

On the good side, we had enough sales for our fist venture into this venue...paid the expenses and a little profit. 

We had variety and quality (I hope) more than quantity.

Cathy Babula's display

But the whole market was really wonderful.  I think most customers are familiar with pottery already, so know how to comparison shop.  Which is where competition comes in.  I guess I'm not competitive in that market place.
You've heard perhaps, if you've worked retail, of "loss leaders."  Things that a company will lose money on, but it will bring the shoppers into the store and they will probably buy more.

Black Friday loves the concept. 

I don't think I've ever done it myself in selling pots, though I have sold seconds at cost, I never lost money on them.

Barbara Rogers' display

Our booth at the Appalacian Potters Market yesterday was close to a few potters that were either doing "loss leaders" or selling wholesale.  That's how I figure it, anyway. 

That's ok, until a sign saying "4 mugs for $20, 4 bowls for $20" was hung right next to our display...which was backed up to their very big one.  I said to the owner that it was confusing, since it basically hung right before our display as well as theirs.  He moved it around on the inside of his shelf for a while.  An hour later it was back on the end of the shelf.

I've seen this happen before in potters markets...there are big sales in their booth.  They even had a second table outside their booth for wrapping the sales. (Don't know how they get away with that, but they did, across the aisle under the stairs.)

Did we sell many mugs or bowls, prices pretty reasonable from $15-$26, depending on the amount of work that went into them?  Nah.

We sure are asking for another location next year.  And we gave feedback as to how the market might be improved.  As more sales are offered at wholesale rates, the public will happily come purchase.  But I can't compete because I'm not a "production potter" who carries 6 dozen mugs or bowls to sell.

Barb and Cathy at APM in Marion, 2014

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  1. the audacity of some people sometimes astounds me.


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