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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just go to the studio

...or as Art Biz mom, Alyson Standfield said, "Just Show up," in that studio. (Her blog is here.) Whatever you then do, (or me as I always am telling myself this) is better than sitting at the computer, or gazing across the water at the clouds.  My creativity is in that studio, so I'd just better be there.


  1. Oh I dunno, lake and clouds look pretty tempting :)

  2. amen, sometimes I just sit there for a while and wonder what I'll make but then a thought comes into my head and I start making, if I set at my work table I can always think of something to make even if it's an ornament or some small item.

  3. And then other times you have to step out of the studio to find some inspiration. Balance is best.


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