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Monday, October 20, 2014

Impressionistic glaze

Sometimes glazes surprise me (most of the time!)  This overlay of Raspberry on top of Floating Blue gave an impressionistic cast between the two, since they didn't bleed as they have in the past...but have little speckles happening.  I took these "mug-bowls" to the Tailgate Market last weekend and sold 2 of them.  Whoohoo!  Considering it was a beautiful day, we had very light turnout at the market.  We've only one more market, and I've got soooo many pots.


  1. I am always surprise at what glazes can do and change all the time. do you have any xmas markets coming up.

    1. Several.. The Sat before Thanksgiving is our Tailgate Holiday market where we hold the Tailgate Markets...probably 9-1 that day. Nov 22,/ Then Dec 5 evening is Holly Jolly here in Black Mountain...a lot of fun with shops open and free cider and so forth, and the BMCA Gallery is also going to have students and teachers pottery on display, and the real biggie is students getting to sell their wares that evening only. (6-8 or so) Then the next day Cathy and I will have a booth in Marion, NC at the Appalachian Potters Market. This is our first time there, and it's all day in the high school gymn, so we will find out what that's like. How about you? Holiday markets?


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