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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trays of crazy glaze

My crazy side is demonstrated in these trays.  What was I thinking?

There is something  strange happening with our Floating blue.  In one dip, this background color shows (from left to right below) the brown whenever the glaze is thin, and a nice deep blue in the center as it is supposed to look throughout.  All the blue chemicals dripped to the bottom, or the right edge, as it was dipped into the glaze bucket.

And the other thing that happened, is a strange pulling away of both the blue and the red glazes on several spots.  I've never seen that happen, showing bare white clay next to thick glaze. 


  1. They ARE great trays. The thick stuff pulling away? I have seen that. I think it might be areas of glaze TOO thick, you know?

    1. Must be...very strange. Maybe I'll keep doing crazy glaze...or not throwing really thick blobs on tho.

  2. I've seen glazes do that color pull so you can tell which end went into the bucket first. It's often a good idea to keep a pot moving while the glaze is drying. You also may need to put in something (epsom salts?) to help keep the colorants in suspension.


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