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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pottery goddess

from Homer exulting Athena in her role as goddess of pottery ......

Homer's Epigrams Fragment 14 (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or C7th B.C.) :

"Potters, if you give me a reward, I will sing for you. Come, then, Athena [goddess of pottery], with hand upraised over the kiln. Let the pots and all the dishes turn out well and be well fired: let them fetch good prices and be sold in plenty in the market. Grant that the potters may get great gain and grant me so to sing to them.
 But if you turn shameless and make false promises, then I call together the destroyers of kilns, Suntribos (Shatter) and Smaragon (Smash) and Asbetos (Charr) and Sabaktes (Crash) and Omodamos (Crudebake) who can work this craft much mischief. 

 Replica of Pallas Athena, in Tennessee.

Sharing this around the world with other potters through Mud Colony here.  


  1. Nice one! I had no idea ... I knew she represented wisdom (and I always loved the story of how she was born - Zeus has a headache, calls for Hephaestus to crack his skull open to relieve the pressure, out pops fully formed and clad Athene!). That piece at the top is fantastic. Love how the features are just barely discernible - but manage to convey expression so well.


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