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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shrines and things

I'm currently looking at crows, cause a friend is a "crow totem" person.  I made a bird, which ended up looking like a seagull.  Oops.  That will never do.  So tonight I've got some work to do.

So the shrines and things in the works include a few flowers sitting on leafy stands.  They will be used for the snowflake crystal glaze that I glommed onto from John Britt in Ceramics Monthly.  I tested 9 different versions last week, and only 2 look worth making into dipping glazes.  The tests were poured on the inside of little bowls, and brushed on the outside.  Brushing doesn't work for these glazes, and many of the poured ones didn't either, giving "brain coral" effects.  But two of them are gorgeous drop dead snowflake crystals, cone 6 electric kiln.

The shrines started with the secret room (see my postings of same name).  And then I spent a while doing some vehicles (a camper van and a gypsy Vardo).  But I've also done some interesting shapes with little spaces and nature type images.

I am letting Tracy Bloom do the barns, which she does so well.

And Linda Starr has some great shrines from FL.  I doubt that we'll run into the same market, but mine don't look like hers anyway

So I keep working, and sometimes being too bored to work, and then coming back.  As my Art Biz blog coach says, just go into the studio.  Just do it.


  1. Just go into the studio, sometimes I over think things and could be spending much more time making. These shrines and buildings take a lot of clay I am finding and then there's the drying time, checking and rechecking, and then the construction time, quite a lot of work, then dry them and fire and hope they don't warp or fail at the seams. Oh well I think after I make a few more I'll have a system down, can't wait to see some of yours. We have lots of crows or ravens around here flying overhead lately and they are all making the strangest sounds as if they are talking to me, I love them.

  2. I do believe crow has language ability. They have the wonderful trill sound around here, probably when they don't think I'm listening...cause I've never seen them when they make it...just the caw caw stuff. But I've looked and looked for the source of these trill conversations, and the only birds in the vicinity were crows. Yep, gotta get the camera out soon. But actually nothing is completed yet.


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