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Monday, December 5, 2011

In her honor

A young woman lost her life Sat. night, Dec. 3, 2011.  She was a friend of many of my friends, but I don't think she knew me well.

However, her loss is being felt by many of the members of my church, because she was talented and shared her musical abilities with us all.  So she was known to many who are aware of what a loss her life is to all of us.

Her family of course is stunned, and especially her brother.  I won't go into any details, because this isn't the time or place.  I just send them hopes that they can cope and find peace through this terrible tragedy and come out the other side with some sanity.

It is hard.  I've been angry today, and definitely thought the divine plan had a glitch for this to happen.  I've also sung to Emily that she is continuing her existence without the body in which she was living  for such a short while.  There is such a sense of unfairness for this to happen.

I'm reminded of Ram Das who said we each chose this lifetime to experience these relationships, to help each other and to grow through the difficulties that are presented.

Of course when our community met for church this morning, many of the young people were there with parents, trying to come to understanding of this tragedy.  I am sure this is where they will start to have individual definitions of what happens at death.  It was a good thing to be considered, because we all are going to die.  It wasn't good in that a beautiful innocent girl actually died.


  1. May the Goddess Guard Her. May She Find Her Way to the Summerlands. May Her Friends and Family Know Peace.

  2. The death of the young . . . one of the great conundrums . . .


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