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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holly Jolly pottery

This will be a record of the day, in spurts of what was happening at BMCA Friday, December 2, 2011.

Early in the day, the sales area has tables and table clothes, and Charles and Gale work on the lighting.  (The gallery had already been set up, and looked great, but I missed getting a picture of it, which is ok, because the display will be there for a couple of months.)

 Pat and Gale think seriously about who's pottery should go where to the best advantage for all.

A lot of the studio people did talk with each other throughout the evening.  Here from left to right are Marsha, Travis (back to camera, then his wife Crystal), Sarah and Charles.

 My section of display has me clowning around posing as my Blue Lady is posed (right in front of me).

Blue Lady

The Average Joe entertaining duo gave us cheerful background music for the sale area.

 The cornucopia in the gallery exhibit...

Our community project was to make ornaments and sell them to benefit the Center for the Arts.  Here they are!

I also got a shot of the ceramic tree with some ornaments hanging on it. 

This is the ceramic tree with my angel ornaments hanging from it.  The angels were changed right after this shot to have ribbon necklace they are very different looking by the time they were sold or given away.

Or here's the tree by itself.  Some of the branches were made big enough to hold tea light candles, so I hope to show it that way when I bring it home (the battery operated kind of candles).

 "Fly Like an Eagle" is also on display in the gallery.

Marsha and her ginko leaf mug and bowl in gallery.

Marsha and her big slab built vase.

 Molly playing around with her pottery in gallery.

Sarah and her jugs on a limb titled "Appalacian Pride".  Charles's canisters are to the right.

Sarah's teapot in the gallery

Ryanne and daughter Zoe, who is super darling and walking now!  First birthday this week!

Another little elf who came to the sale...dressed for the holiday!

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