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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Blue Lady

A sculptural figure.

 I guess I liked to have pretty dolls, once upon a time.

And now I make dolls out of clay, dress them as if they are going to a ball...

And then pose them in one of those "fashion-model" poses...which is perhaps a bit strange.  But it means that this woman was caught in a gesture, with her mouth open to say something or maybe sing something.

At one point I thought she needed a bird that was resting on her hand, or she should be showing someone the directions to go somewhere.  But now I leave all these decisions to the eye of the beholder.

This figure has blue toned skin, hair, and of course dress.  She is formed of stoneware clay, glazed and then painted a bit of touch-up with acrylics.

Look for her at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts starting this Friday at the Holly Jolly show.


  1. Thanks Vicki. This lady will be on display tonight, but I decided not to have her in the gallery for the next month. It was either her or the cornucopia (my banner on this site). Choices choices choices!


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