Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Bugs and Flowers !

Yesterday was Earth Day.  Did you see my Facebook posts? Well, one of them was from a few years ago, where I made a commitment to do something for Mother Earth, Gaia, daily.  Mmm, I may have let that ball slip through my fingers.

But now I've made a small figure of Goddess Gaia reclining on top of the mountains. Perhaps that will make up for a week of forgetfulness. She's in the kiln right now, so next week you'll get to see what she looks like.
And here's another of my bugs and flowers series...Blue Dragonfly on blue lotus blossoms.Clay is Little Loafers, glazes are Mayco Stroke and Coat, Designer Liner, and Matt Clear.

So I'll add another for your pleasure!

Another version of dragonfly on a luncheon plate (8") with some fish underwater! (more plates were posted last week Here

More goddesses are coming along.  But I've got some new clay also, so it will be fun trying it out, both to throw on the wheel and in sculpting! An alternative source for clay is now available in Asheville, Village Potters carries Laguna clays.  Highwater Clay has had the market cornered for too long, though they are still the pottery lovers "go-to" place.

Today's quote:

“What is needed to launch our societies along the humanistic path is some sort of evolutionary compass. Some way of guiding our efforts so that they are in tune with, aligned with, the general evolutionary processes of which we are a part… So rather than seek to dominate the planet, the quest becomes one of dynamic harmonization, of evolutionary consonance, in short, of syntony. The evolutionary compass, then, would be one that points our way toward syntonious pathways for future creation.” ~Alexander Laszlo

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What costumes they wore!

Girls of yore who were athletic!

Here I've found some lovely bathing beauties...

Women in bathing suits at the Houston Heights Natatorium, 1907. Can you imagine swimming in such things? Maybe you could "dog paddle" but that seems like it would be as much as you can do.

This awesome photo is courtesy the George Cook Collection in the Degolyer Library at Southern Methodist University. Posted on Facebook under Traces of Texas.

Early Olympic swimmers...
 Women From Olympics Past Everyone Should Remember | The Huffington ...

And maybe just for looks...

... suits and eventually bikinis but seeing these swimsuits from 

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and outdoor
Shared on Facebook from Karen Connel, her father being the 10 year old boy on left at the Natatorium in Belton, 1944. Traces of Texas.

And more recently...

Gymnast Pix: Mary Lou Retton Studio Pix
Mary Lou Retton won gold, bronze and silver in 1984 at the Olympics, so I started watching the American women's gymnastics meets.  I'd never done gymnastics, but sure enjoyed seeing these young women stretch themselves to perform in gold medal ways.  My middle son married a woman who also had participated in amateur gymnastics and their three daughters have as well.

I'm sharing these pictures as part of Sepia Saturday this week.  

Today's Quote:

All things have the ability to be healed.
Miracles happen with every breath, believe that.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring has sprung

Cherry blossoms at Lake Tomahawk

Azaleas by my walkway
Ornamental cherry blossoms are so lovely!

Azaleas near my building

Pink dogwood by my walkway

Today's Quote:

As spiritual beings having human experiences we are on an important mission to learn and grow here on earth.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Balsam Trail

I wondered if I made a mistake taking the Balsam Trail off the Mt. Mitchell trail...cause I just kept on going and going. Lots of other hikers were going or coming so I felt safe. I vaguely remembered at least a while after reading the description that it looped back to the south parking lot. 

 I did forget that it was 3/4 mile.  And when a guy went running down the trail, I asked him where it went!
Looking back up over the deadwood, I could barely make out the observation deck.

He said 6.5 miles to the campground, the restaurant, and something else.

Well it was well beyond my tired thinking, so I turned around. I had really been looking for the spring that I vaguely remembered.  But the great news is that while really taking it easy going back, it was surprisingly much shorter than it had been coming down.  That must be a law of the universe which really should be looked into by science!

Some picnickers near one of the many educational signs.

A very tired me made it!

So then I went on my way, but not before checking the other end of the Balsam trail where it comes out/goes in from the South Parking lot!

Today's quote:

We all have bad days and within these days is usually a gem of a gift waiting to be opened. Madisyn Taylor