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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Soul Dream

Telling people honestly how I feel.

Some deep-felt grief about my sick friend may have triggered this dream. I (in real life) just wrote her to say how much her being in my life has meant to me, and how I'll miss her when she's gone.

Thank you from the heart.": Depression Community - Support Group
Group hug from the internet

Well, I had a wonderful dream.  I was with a group of family and friends. We all said what we felt, and listened to each other well.  There was intensity of emotions, and hugs and tears.

I don't remember any of the people in my dream...but it was in technicolor! I seldom notice colors in dreams...but these people had skin tones on their faces, and they wore clothes in vibrant reds, browns, blues and greens.  There may have been 10 people, or maybe 20. I woke up from the dream, remembering the feeling of satisfaction, of comfort, of community with people of like minds.

My friend will continue to receive cards from me, since I know she went to the hospital a week ago.  I send them to her home, in case she has come home, and in hopes her husband takes them to her if she hasn't.  But until she gets on a laptop, I won't her husband doesn't do emails.  He called to say she'd been admitted with pneumonia, and that he'd try to get her on her laptop soon. Her cancer was treated a couple of weeks ago to remove some in her brain.  She was still going to chemo though she needed a wheelchair to move about.

I know her 2 sons and grandchildren and friends will be around her helping keep her spirits up, and maybe giving care when she comes home. If she comes home.

She never answered my recommendations for Hospice Care. I had said how positive their care has been with friends, and how they are so helpful in making the experience of making choices at end of life into one that is rich and meaningful in the way the person who is sick wants.  But I dare say my friend is too private to consider them. It has been her choice all the time she's been sick with cancer to not have any outside care.

SO if she's reading this, I'm so glad she's on a laptop or pad.  And I so hope that she knows how much I love her and want each moment of the rest of her life to be full of joy and comfort, in exactly the way she chooses.

I also wish that her family find peace as she deals with her illness, as they deal with caring for her, as they come together in the love they share.

So many of her friends and family are praying for her. May she continue to know that she is loved immensely, and I am keeping her in my heart as long as I breathe.

Today's Quote:

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. 
Ian Maclaren


  1. When my late partner John was near the end of his life, hospice was such a help. We didn't need a lot of care at home, mostly guidance. I took a leave from work and was able to do most nursing care. Our hospice nurse checked in a couple times a week, and I knew they were always just a phone call away. They were also there for me after he passed. I took advantage of the grief counseling that they offer. It is a very personal thing. I hope your friend is able to spend her last days here pain free and in peace.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with me, Michele. I don't want to be a nuisance, so haven't said any more about hospice. Just hope that they will avail themselves of the great care they offer.

  2. All good wishes for your friend, her family, and for you in this challenging time.


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