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Monday, November 14, 2016


Western North Carolina continues in a drought.

And many of its mountains are having wild fires.

I share some photos that have been on Facebook in the last week.

"Wildfire Update: Good news... crews saved buildings at Nantahala Outdoor Center (pic)! Close call. Many of us have lots of great summertime memories there. The Tellico fire has burned 13,000 acres, but crews making progress to contain. Meanwhile in Chimney Rock Village, 50 firetrucks on standby to protect businesses and homes there as the fire creeps down the mountain. No home or business has been lost yet. Skillful and brave firefighters! More updates on all wildfires:

Lake Lure, NC
 "Wildfire update: Lake Lure / Chimney Rock & South Mountains fires still growing rapidly. West of Asheville, 23 fires burn in Nantahala Nat Forest, including Nantahala Gorge & Lake Santeetlah. 1000+ amazing firefighters are working hard. 100+ homes saved. 40,000 total acres burned. See many updates / details at . 
(No fires in the immediate Asheville area, including Biltmore.)

A short YouTube clip (speeded up) which shows Lake Lure fire.   Here.
It was posted on Jason Alexander's facebook site.

This is south of me, about 25 miles.  But I have friends who live closer than 5 miles from it.  Chimney Rock, Bat Cave, Earth Haven...all too close for comfort.

Many thanks to the thousands of wildland firefighters (including some urban firefighters who have joined in) and if you wish to send supplies to help them...
(Thanks Rebecca Williams for posting this info)
"Here's a list of what has been requested by local fire departments-
They're looking for bottled water, Gatorade, pre-packaged food, protein bars, eye wash, and lip balm. You can drop those donations off at Fairview Fire Department on Highway 74-A or the Forest City Lowe's.
Other donation sites include:

Donations will be taken on Monday at Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m at 1304 Ashe Street in Hendersonville.
There is donation information on the Lake Lure Fire Donations Facebook page. 
And if you know how to make it rain, please get to work."

PS, added as of 2:30 Mon. Nov 14...
"US Forest Service Thanks for all Your Help
The U S Forest Service Regional Manager Jon Gray says they are grateful for all the response our community has made to donate food and supplies. For now we have plenty on hand and will put out another call if the fires persist and we need more."
Today's quote:
When we recognize our warrior self we can exhibit strength without sacrificing tenderness. Madisyn Taylor Daily Om

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