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Friday, July 8, 2016

Before Shopping Malls

Do you remember when you went downtown to shop?
Or perhaps to a farmer's market to get fresh produce?

Sepia Saturday this week shows some people walking along shops on a street, wearing caps and scarves and sensible shoes, and coats. See what other Sepians have posted from this meme this week.

I offer my favorite alternative to the malls...the Tailgate Market in Black Mountain, NC.  It's going strong this time of year, every Saturday from 9-12.  I spoke about it a lot last year, but have been kind of busy doing other things this year.  And now that I have the whole month of July off from working the booth for the Mud Buddies, I haven't put much energy into publicizing it.  But if the size of the crowd over the Fourth of July weekend is any indicator, they don't need much publicity.

The community which supports this little gathering has its own identity.  People bring their little kids and dogs, and they meet folks they saw either last week or last year.  Those who come to Black Mountain or Montreat, NC for a vacation, a camp, or a retreat usually stop by the Tailgate Market because it's so special.

Over the years, I've had different kinds of pottery for sale.  And most of it has gone home to new happy homes.  Sometimes if it's around for a long time, I may either give it to a friend or crash it with a hammer.  Or maybe I'll just move it into my own kitchen cabinet and use it myself if I like it.  But there is seldom anything around for more than a few weeks or months.

So every week there is a different display of my pottery for sale.

And most of the pottery that I've posted here was sold last year. Except platter in the bottom photo, and ...?

Quote for the day:

Just as there are people that support us, we are a supporter to many people extending the cycle and giving back. Madisyn Taylor


  1. Crash a pot with a hammer? That would be a shame unless it was one you didn't like. We still have strip shopping here as well as malls and I really prefer to shop on strips and support the small businesses rather than big chains or franchises.

  2. A lovely take on the theme. Markets, tailgate or traditional, are much more wholesome than big box malls. I bet some people buy a bowl and vegetables at the next vendor and use both for dinner that same day. And I like your philosophy for craft work that doesn't sell. Make use, never waste.

  3. This makes me think of our local upcoming small town fair under the oaks on a lovely August day. I hope the sellers there do as well as you do.

  4. I love to visit street markets and craft stalls. Your pots look wonderful; I’m not surprised they all sold.

  5. I would so much rather but something unique than mass-produced. Love craft stalls. Our big events happen twice a year in Tucson at the 4th Avenue Street Fair.

  6. Farmers' markets and craft markets are much more pleasant shopping than the large malls.


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