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Friday, June 10, 2016

Links to some beaches and a swimmer

I have posted some old, and not so old, photos of my family enjoying the ocean, HERE
and Here.

Or over on my older blog..."When I was 69" from 2014 when I turned 70,
or later that year "who likes a beach?"

These were mainly prompted by Sepia Saturday.
So you can see (if you look at several of those) that I'm recyling the same photos already.

This Sepia posting in Sept. 2014 shows some of my favorite beach scenes at Cumberland Island National Seashore, off Georgia's coast.

My father's family was from Galveston, TX, so I have about three dozen postings about that town and its beach...with some repetition of the photos.  One of the earliest was sharing some old (1904) photos of a fishing expedition in a sloop, and the photos are very damaged. It's Here.

So can I find anything new to share? The Sepia Saturday beach scene does have someone jumping a (towel?) and a dog, as well as 2 young ladies in bathing attire.  Mmm. Let me dig a bit.

 Looking at sports, I am reminded that Friday, June 10 is the twelvth birthday of my granddaughter who is a swimmer. If you knew where to look, I'm sure she's in this photo of the warmups.  So this is my main contribution based on an athletic endeavor connected with the water.


  1. Wonderful pictures - all! With our temperatures here climbing into the 90s, the color pictures of folks in the water look especially refreshing & remind me our vacation to Lake Tahoe with its cold clear water is only 4 weeks away. Yea!!!

  2. Have a good time at the lake , Gail. I'll be checking out your blog in a few minutes!

  3. Oh, that water looks so cool and inviting! Happy birthday to your granddaughter!

  4. Water's always refreshing in the summertime, even in a photo.

  5. No problem linking to earlier blogs on the topic, they are still good to read again. Pools are fine for cooling down and for swimming, but they never have the atmosphere that a beach does, they just smell of chlorine:-)

  6. I love the vibrancy of this photo. The colors and patterns are wonderful.

  7. Black and white photos from yesteryear have a very special charm.


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