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Monday, June 13, 2016

Bloom where you're planted

I can't help but share these beautiful day lilies, the more exotic kind, which are landscaped around our parking lot.

I have been doing a bit of this and that in the studio also in clay.
Here's my fun butter dish which reminded me of an airstream trailer.  It works really well however, to keep the butter out on the counter where a certain cat has learned to explore when I'm away!

And I have babies in my raised bed garden already - planted last Wed. and now sunflower seedlings have popped up.  I stuck some rocks and twigs next to them so maybe the birds will leave them alone.

I water my garden and the goats go marching along the electric fence that keeps them over in the trees.


  1. Day lilies in their many forms are a huge favorite of mine.
    I have high hopes for mine when they bloom. We are having a good year for mountain laurel. It grows wild in the woods here. It's such a treat to see the pale pink blooms through the trees. Now I'll have to take my camera along when I go outside,
    Your butter dish is wonderful, and indeed it does look like an Airstream! I bet these would be a good seller for you!

    1. I've got to go walk in the woods - haven't seen the Mountain Laurel yet, though it may already be gone.

  2. I do love lilies of all varieties, but only outdoors. I don't care for the scent inside. Love the butter dish.

    1. Me too, though with my sinus condition I barely smell even the heaviest lilies these days, but achooo! Thanks for liking my silly dish!


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