Friday, April 29, 2016

Art being protected

I think mainly of pottery when I think of art. That includes archaeology where ancient beauty has been immortalized in various forms.

Probably a jaguar jug

Maybe another kind of jaguar, a black one
A drumming bird
Some Moche (100-800 AD) stirrup-handled figurative pots from Mesoamerica. I saw these in a North Carolina museum a few years ago.

Ceramic sculptural tetrahedrons by Tai Rogers, my son, sitting in the crouch of the cherry tree.

From Florida art museum
Photo of a small ivory (2" I think)  prehistoric goddess figure, found in Germany in 2009.

Jomon jar, from Honshu, 2500-1500 BCE.

Thanks to Sepia Saturday for giving me a chance to troll through my own archives to find some of my favorites.  For more interesting stories about old art treasures, or other topics, link on over to their site

"...1914 photograph from the Flickr Commons collection of the Dutch National Archives. The caption of the photograph is "The Great War. Refugees from Antwerp, Belgium, bringing a painting into safety. Belgium, 1914"


  1. I love the jugs in animal shapes!

  2. Haha, so funny, your sons piece hiding in the tree. I also love pre-Columbian pots like these!

  3. Such beautiful pieces and imagine, lasting so long. The Honshu jar is stunning.

  4. It really is amazing how long things can last. Beautiful pieces.

  5. So much skill by the unknown artist of each of these beautiful items.

  6. Wonderful pieces. And incredible to think they've passed down through time still intact.

  7. Some of the earliest art pieces are of ceramic, wonderful that they have survived through all the upheaval of mankind.

  8. I’ve always found this type of pottery fascinating. there’s a wonderful jomon pot in the British Museum; it feature in a BBC Radio programme ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’, a couple of years ago. Link below.


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