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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Miss you, wish you were here...

Sepia Saturday (HERE) this week has a photograph that I'm scratching my head over.  No connection to my life, except that there are men in the photo.  Nobody I know plays golf...or at least had their picture taken doing so such that I have the photo in my archives.  But wander over to Sepia Saturday when you have a chance and go down to the list of names of people who have posted their own sepia treasures anytime around Saturday.

I don't have any colorized photos that I haven't shared.  These guys certainly are sepia toned, though the background was painted a nice green.

What I do have is a humorous post card.  So I'm going to give you a chuckle, and hope that will get me off the hook.

Though there isn't a single picture on the card, it is published by Aerial Photography Services, Inc. 2511 South Tryon, Charlotte, N.C. 28203.  This outfit is still in business apparently.  I hope they've got some cards with their photographs on them also!   

Today's Quote:
Seeing the world from another perspective can introduce you to all sorts of hidden treasures.

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