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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

French Broad River

Tuesday sharing- Living in Black Mountain and Western North Carolina...
I think a mustard flower

When broccoli goes to flower

Two little lovelies, the bright blue and the strange purple fuzzy leaf with tiny pale violet flowers

A strange deciduous tree with tiny pine cones, what is it?

Our common violet
A couple of Canada Geese by the French Broad River

the two pairs of geese had goslings around this time last year...but apparently don't even have a nest at this time, since they both are sunbathing.
The same park last year with tiny little fluffs of yellow which proud parents shooed away from us.

 On US 251 between Marshall and Asheville, NC, this little park has a sweet picnic area, shared with geese this time of year.


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    1. Hi Linda...nope, no needles...a deciduous tree without any leaves in March, but these cute little pinecones...or something looking like them.

  2. I really enjoyed the visit with all the photos.

  3. North Carolina is such a beautiful state. I am very happy to call it my new home.


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