Thursday, March 5, 2015

inspiring artist Tricia Cline

I just came upon an artist who sent me into whow, then into meditation on some of her images, then into another place entirely than when I first started.  That doesn't happen every day.

Tricia Cline

She crafts porcelain figures that are incredible, then paints them often.  They are in costumes, or merged with animals often.  I could not stop looking at them.

In her Bio on her site she says:
 Direct-observation of an inspiration is a careful love of it without mental interpretation. This approach was greatly influenced by the writings of psychologist James Hillman from whom we learned a great deal about the life of imagery. He describes in his book Blue Fire, a dream, where suddenly a great black snake shows up, if the dreamer, upon awakening, decides to interpret the meaning of the snake, he kills it. And thereby the relationship with the image is lost, because the vast Unknown has been limited to only what is Known. The image is a transcendent guest coming through you into form. But through interpretation you cut off its link to that transcendent Reality.

In the true work every iota of its space deserves total care and attention. Attention equals love. This approach towards detail is a kind of deliberate, very present meditation and allows a transcendent quality to enter through you.

Porcelain - Tricia Cline, Cat Sings to the Acolytes


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