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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring Equinox

And to start off this post, I want to mention a TED talk which I recently shared again with my FaceBook friends...though so far nobody has commented on it, so perhaps they are too busy to watch it.

This Harvard Business School professor talks about a way to approach a stressful situation which means spending 2 minutes in a powerful posture which influences your own hormones.  Her test with students included them doing this, then having their cheeks swabbed, which showed higher level of the power hormone, testosterone and lower level of the stress hormone, cortisol.  She also tested them in postures of low power or submisiveness.  The stance of power actually changed their body chemistry! (Remember, women have testosterone also, the action hormone.)

Just saying...I need to prepare myself by taking a brief time in the ladies room before I meet Mrs. most-important-person-I-could-meet.

Maybe just for myself, even.

So here's a lovely photo I glomed from FB for the Equinox.

 Mystic Mamma actually published this for the solar eclipse.
Happens the same day.  Then the sun switches it's position relative to our dear myopic eyes on earth (while the earth is the one actually moving in relation to the sun!) so we call the sun in Aires rather than Pices.

There's a whole pseudo science called Astrology.  I used to put a lot of belief in it, but never found it really defined my life that well.  I prefer the newer science (the daughter of Astrology if you will) called Astronomy...especially since Hubble has afforded so many wonderful pictures that are available far and wide, and really deep and wide.  There is certainly a fundamental awe that comes through all of these studies of our stars.  I do wish science gave astrology credit for having defined a lot of the names in the universe.

But Spring is coming back here on earth.  That is something that is present and right beneath my feet.  May yours be full of abundance, joy, good health, love between everyone you know, good weather, great food, safety, mindfulness...and anything I've forgotten that's basically good.

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