Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear rain goddess

No one knows your name.  But I know you exist, and are responsive (sometimes, when you feel just like doing so) to my requests to wait a bit, or move over a half mile...there was that wedding where the choir all held their hands above their heads and asked you to stay away during our festivities, and you did.  Today you were good enough to wait while the Tailgate market was having such a good turnout.  I am so grateful that you are now giving us periodic downpours, as you may wish, where you may wish.

Thank you whoever you are.  (And if someone reading this is offended, you can thank your own source of weather.)

I am very grateful that our Tailgate Market sales went well...much better than last week for myself anyway.

Some of these tiny vase pots sold May 10, Thanks!

There were our usual families and children and people of all kinds with dogs of all kinds.  And great musicians singing in the middle of the main area. 

Sold May 10 to a good cook.

We don't have all of the vendors we had last year.  And I do know it's early for vegetables and produce of any kind.  So there are plants, honey, chocolate, pies, eggs, necklaces, meat, pots, rugs, baked goods (2 vendors of rolls and breads) and fresh fish.  There're a couple of new booths, one is of beautiful yarns, one is of flours that are non-GMO.

Sold May 10...thank you so much!
I am so  proud to be part of this group of dedicated people, serving our community, becoming friends with so many!

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