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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My favorite shape bowl

Eating out of this bowl was such fun.  I don't remember what I tried it with first.  Now I've washed it and will let it go to it's forever home.

It's BIG but has a nice smooth curve into it's flanged lip.

OK, I'll go see how many cups of water it will hold.

Ha, only a bit over 3 cups.  That surprised me, because the smaller looking bowl made at the same time holds over 4 cups.  It was  listed on the Etsy shop already  HERE.

So if you're after a heaping serving, go for the rounder bowl shape rather than the wide flanged lip and a narrow bottom!  Just thought you might want to know that.


  1. Nice shapes! Where did you find that great red?!

    1. Mayco Stroke N fires between cone 06 and cone 6.
      You have to paint on 3 coats though, and it's still not as even as a dipped glaze. But that's kind of nice anyway, not looking like plastic. Silly me, I left my bottle of Candy Apple Red out in the car and now it's frozen...wonder what will happen to the next glazing. More to learn!

  2. man, i love bowls, I eat EVERYTHING out of them!

  3. For a "meal in a bowl" dinners -- your bowls would be great. All meals at my place are a meal in one bowl. Nice post -- barbara


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