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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Pat is happy to tell folks about her creations.  They are so well made!

Marsha is happy with the first sale of the day, that large blue casserole (on which we urged her to put a price that was competitive, and she got it!)

Cathy has returned to potting and carving her gorgeous scrafitto tiles.  I dare say they won't all be going home with her.

The trouble with being sick is not having a half a brain.  I forgot a hat.  It's in the 50's, but damp.  So first Pat loaned me her neck scarf to cover my ears.  Then Linda, who sells knit and crocheted beauties came over and gave me the green/purple combination.  I didn't know Linda at all, and she said it would help better than the little scarf.

Cathy took my picture of my wares (the casserole is again Marsha's.)  Sorry you can't see the spirals on the white plates.

Like good friends anywhere, the mudbuddies sent me home to keep out of the chill weather.  So here I am, and will go back to pack up the last of my pots to be sold outside this year...well, whatever hasn't sold.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Barb! Loved the pics, and glad you had lots of nice people helping you to stay warm!!!

    1. Good to see you here again. Yes keeping warm will be a focus for the next few days here.


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